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Quote Request

Water Bill Ltd offer a FREE OF CHARGE service, Water Bill Ltd may earn a commission fee from a Supplier.

You are entitled to cancel this agreement at any point and incur NO CANCELLATION CHARGE.  In addition, after a 3 year period, this agreement will expire, and a new agreement will need to be completed.

Before finalising this agreement, it is important we advise you that you can make a Quote Request to all Suppliers yourself.

Selected Value: 1
i.e. 12 digit reference, contract end date; 12 digit reference, contract end date.

By completing, signing and returning the Letter of Authority (LOA), You agree to be bound by these Terms of Engagement.

Your Quote Request will be submitted to all Suppliers in accordance with our process subject to minimum threshold requirements.

Once you sign agreeing to our Terms of Engagement, we will send your Quote Request to all Suppliers.  After this you need to:

– Ensure you have provided us with all relevant information and documents you have about your current Supplier(s) contracts;

– Tell us if your contact details change; and

– Return to us any additional information that we need from you.

Water Bill Ltd is classed as a Third Party Intermediary (TPI) and is regulated by general market protections in relation to sales and marketing activities.  In particular the Business Protection from Misleading Marketing Regulations (BPMMRs), which is enforceable by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and by Trading Standards, which prohibits misleading advertising and sales activities.

Water Bill Ltd are a Business Water Bill Specialist and operates a comparison & switching service for the competitive business water markets in England, Scotland and Wales (only Welsh Business Customers using more than 50 million litres per annum). 

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