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Business Stream

Business Stream is one of the largest water suppliers in the UK and a trusted retailer to over 200,000 forward-thinking businesses.

Wave Utilities

We’re a leading national water retailer with years of experience helping businesses to drive down water use and lower their utility bills.

Formed from two established regional entities, Anglian Water Business and NWG Business, our roots trace back to 2008 when we began serving the Scottish market after deregulation. We now work with over 300,000 business customers across the UK to help them benefit from the open water market in England.

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same water. better price. great service.

Water 2 Business

At water2business we offer leading customer service and tailored water and wastewater management that will help to improve efficiency and deliver savings.

We’re not a newcomer to the market – we’re a company with extensive industry knowledge that has a proven track record and already provides business services.

water2business was born out of a joint billing venture created by Bristol Water and Wessex Water in 2000.

Water Plus

We’re Water Plus, a joint venture between United Utilities and Severn Trent, two companies that have been in the water market for years. We’re the largest water retailer in the UK and with over 400,000 customers, you can be sure we really understand your needs.

We service the full spectrum of business customers, from small independents to the largest national chains, so whatever level of support you need, we already know how to make it easy and straightforward every step of the way.


Becoming a Veolia Retail Water customer makes sound financial sense. As a water retailer, Veolia has been helping business customers in Scotland save money since 2013 and, with the launch in 2017 of the Open Water programme, we have extended this service to customers in England.

Clear Business

Your water services will be supplied by Clear Business Water Limited, the largest independent water supplier in Scotland and a leading new entrant in the England water market.  It is owned by Verastar Limited which bills customers on its behalf and trades as Clear Business.

Commercial Water Solutions

Commercial Water Solutions provide Water, Waste/Drainage, Trade Effluent and New Connection Services throughout Scotland.

Our staff have >15 years’ experience in the UK Water industry. Six of those years working in the Scottish Retail Water market which opened for competition in 2008.

Source for Business

Source for Business now operates as the trading brand of Pennon Water Services Ltd; a Joint Venture between Pennon Group Plc and South Staffordshire Plc (an integrated services Group); both with over 25 years’ experience in the regulated water industry. We are licensed by Ofwat and provide water retail services across Great Britain.

We’re a leading national water retailer with exemplary credentials and pedigree. Customer service is at the very heart of everything we do and the cornerstone of our success.

Castle Water

Castle Water is the UK’s leading independent business water supplier offering unrivalled customer service at competitive prices.


Benefits of switching to Bluewater include multi-site consolidated billing and dedicated account management. When it comes to switching suppliers, it shouldn’t be complicated, and we make sure it isn’t. We have developed a streamlined transfer process to validate your supply points and ensure accurate and timely billing. It’s quick and easy to change supplier, and we take care of everything. It’s also a totally seamless process.


The UK’s fastest growing water supplier. Small and medium-sized businesses are saving an average of £150 a year by switching their water or wastewater services to us. 

SES Business Water

SES Business Water provides water and wastewater services for businesses across England and Scotland. We put our customers at the heart of everything we do, and we strive to provide the highest quality of service to each and every one of them. Our team are there when you need them, and they are dedicated to ensuring that the products and services we offer meet the unique needs of the wide variety of businesses we work with.


Brightwater is an ambitious challenger to the larger players in the market, providing water and waste water services to businesses in Scotland. Our primary aims are simply to serve our customers well with great prices, give genuinely helpful advice to reduce water consumption and costs, and provide a professional, friendly and reliable service. 
We don’t believe in the current ‘switch and forget’ approach to the industry, instead we ‘consult, advise and action’. We want to work with our customers to help them get the most out of their water services, become more water-wise and reduce their consumption. 
It may seem counter intuitive that we want to win your business and then persuade you to use less of our product. That’s the Brightwater way and we believe, a key differentiator. 
Water is a finite resource, yes even in Scotland, and we want to do everything we can to minimise usage. If every business in Scotland were to reduce their usage by 10% this would save in excess of 16 billion litres a year – over 6,440 Olympic size swimming pools – and save Scottish business up to £35 million in water charges each year.

Regent Water

Regent Water t/a Regent Utilities is a newly formed division of Regent Gas, developed in the beginning of 2016. We currently supply water, waste water and trade effluent to small, medium sized and large corporate businesses throughout TPIs in Scotland and England. Our company is regulated by the Water Industry Commission for Scotland and Ofwat in England.

Pure Utilties

Having already worked in the water industry for a number of years, we provide top level customer service and deliver pricing and discounts packages individually-suited to our customers’ specific business needs. PURE’s core values help ensure we exceed our customer’s expectations time after time and guide our consistently high level of service.

The Water Retail Company

The Water Retail Company (TWRC) is headed by a team with extensive experience in the water industry and utilities sector.

Our simple, transparent, no-nonsense approach means we offer highly competitive pricing for water and sewerage services for large and multi-site customers.

Water efficiency is at the heart of our business and we work with clients to develop a strategic efficiency plan that uses technology and innovation to drive down bills through reduced water usage, reduced effluent discharge and reduced surface water drainage.


As one of the first independent companies to be granted an ‘open-water’ retail license, we are at the forefront of challenging the country’s all-powerful household names, by offering the market more competitive prices. Firstly, we perform a seamless, painless, switching process, liaising on your behalf with your existing retailer. Then we simply provide for you, at a fairer rate, the freshwater and sewerage services you were previously receiving. There is no drop in quality, only in price.

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Cambrian Utilities

Cambrian Utilities is a new water retailer that has been set up to serve businesses in England and Wales.

Eligible businesses, charities and public sector customers are no longer restricted to buying retail water services from their regional water company. Instead, they are now free to choose their water retailer.

First Business Water

First Business Water was founded to supply water and wastewater services to Businesses in England. With a passion for customer care, we have created a seamless process. This includes a transparent, fixed retail service fee that means we can guarantee an affordable pricing structure.

This is complemented by our dedicated customer service team who are committed to placing you at the heart of the Business.  We offer a focused and proactive approach in managing your water as well as your costs.

With sustainability at the core of our company values, we firmly believe that our everyday habits can positively impact the world around us. We not only want to supply water, but also empower communities to use water efficiently.

Switch to us, Save Water, Take your First Step!


Using less water, lowering water bills and being more socially responsible are some of the key benefits commercial water users experience by adopting Waterscan’s strategic and comprehensive approach to water management. Developing such an approach helps safeguard an organisation’s sustainable water future by addressing potential risks and setting reduction targets.

yu water

Our customers are unique, so we treat them as individuals and not just another number. We aim to go above and beyond, to provide excellent customer service, offer our customers competitive rates and to take away the strain from them so they can concentrate on running their business whilst we take care of their business energy needs. By building strong relationships with our customers and offering competitive tariffs and excellent service, we retain their loyalty.

Smarta Water

At Smarta, we care about our planet and want to make sure there will always be enough water for all.

Therefore water efficiency, sustainability and reducing water consumption for our customers come top of our list. We not only provide water, but work with our customers to find solutions ensuring their water is used as efficiently as possible.

We offer services we know our customers need and want, at the highest standard, by combining excellent customer service, simple billing and management, with the best products on the market today.

We’re proudly independent. Not being affiliated with any of the UK’s traditional water wholesalers allows us to concentrate on what we do best — making our customers our number one priority.

Pinnacle Business Water

We are one of the few suppliers who do not tie customers into long-term contracts. We believe in the empowered consumer – one who has the freedom to choose the best supplier that suits their needs, as well as a quick and easy transfer over to our services. 
Pinnacle Business Water is a family-run business in Paisley. We first became involved in the Scottish water market in 2011, when we developed a working relationship with one of the market’s then leading suppliers. We were responsible for all operations and customer service activities for this supplier until they were taken over by a larger organisation in September 2017. 
In 2018, we decided to take the plunge and register as a water supplier with our own company. We have gone on to become a small, wholly independent, Scottish supplier who has something special to offer customers. Our niche is the self-catering market, but you don’t have to be a self-caterer to choose us as your supplier!
Think of us as the passionate newcomers, excited to be part of the water market in Scotland. We are supported by a strong knowledge of the industry and an excellent working relationship with Scottish Water. We are determined to always put our customers first and not repeat the mistake larger suppliers have made.

Utility Bidder

Utility Bidder have been awarded Water Supply and Sewerage Licences (WSSLs) by economic regulator Ofwat to operate in the business retail water market.

Olympos Water

Specialising in the quality provision of services to newly built properties, we at Olympos Water have taken time to assess our clients needs before entering the market allowing us to offer outstanding water retail services with total confidence.

At Olympos our aim is to provide value for our customers, we pride ourselves on offering a high standard of customer service whilst offering huge value for money.


Following deregulation In April 2017, the largest competitive water retail market in the world opened for business, bringing the biggest change to the water sector since privatisation.

This newly formed market means 1.2 million businesses, charities and public sector organisations in England are no longer restricted to buying water services from their regional monopoly. Instead, they can shop around, renegotiate, and find the right deal for them. Put simply, if customers are not satisfied, they can take their business elsewhere.

These changes increase competition to help to drive down prices, encourage water efficiency and ultimately lead to improved customer service. We offer tailor made packages to business customers, catering for medium and high usage clients only. We provide unrivalled customer service allocating experienced water architects to every account.

Intelligent Business Water

At Intelligent Business Water we offer an unbeatable service on your water and wastewater.  Switching to us is simple, we manage the process from beginning to end – it’s the same water from the same pipes.  Our bills are clear, accurate and easy to understand.  We offer extremely competitive rates and you’ll get a dedicated customer support manager who is based at our office in Scotland.

Overall we believe it’s an unbeatable combination of superior service and highly responsive customer care, that’s tailored for your exact business needs.

All Suppliers are licensed by either or both of the following Regulators –



Last Updated: 31st December 2023

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